He Never Settles For Less Than The Best

Twenty years ago Douglas Keene never realized his passion for interior painting would quickly evolve into a highly successful career in Advanced Non-Destructive Examinations. A college friend introduced Douglas to working at a nuclear power plant doing liquid penetrant testing. Similar to interior painting, the test consisted of painting a weld, wiping off the paint, and checking for cracks. Douglas soon realized the connection between NDE and painting, this was his segway into the ultrasonics world.

Beginning his career working in the field, Doug eagerly rolled up his sleeves, got dirty, and gained as much experience as possible. He attributes his appreciation for hands-on training explaining that, “you just can’t teach experience.” From there, Doug became one of the youngest people to pass PDI certifications at 21 years old. He admits his highly competitive personality is a key driver of his success. Douglas has extensive experience in nuclear non-destructive testing, including guided wave, automated corrosion mapping, and weld acceptance testing.

As the Director of Operations for IIA Field Services Advanced NDE Group, Douglas oversees a team of 10 associates ensuring they have the resources and support needed for each project, along with managing office administration, occasional fieldwork, and sales activities. He easily transitions from the field to the office and in his current role is able to combine his experience establishing formidable client relationships while leveraging invaluable field experience. Meshing the two together, Doug provides his team with maximally effective support and leadership.

Douglas prides himself on delivering a high standard of quality. He challenges himself to think outside of the box and creatively problem-solve even the most challenging circumstances, never settling for less than the best. Douglas recognizes and deeply appreciates the team he supports understanding that, without them, he can’t “do what he does… they’re awesome” and he's proud to be a part of the advanced NDE group at IIA.


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