Industrial Inspection & Analysis Lab Services: Focusing on What We Do Best, So You Can Focus on What You Do Best

July 6, 2020 | 3 min read

Having industrial equipment, such as ovens, properly calibrated is especially important within the aerospace, food service, medical, and automotive industries. Calibration is a component of quality control and quality management, and it directly contributes to mitigating risks associated with operating. Consistently working with the right team of trusted and knowledgeable professionals to calibrate equipment yields accurate data and reliable inspections and also ensures compliance with regulatory standards, such as NADCAP, as well as meeting exact vendor specifications. Industrial Inspection & Analysis Lab Services has decades of experience in industrial oven repair, service, upgrades and calibration.

Audits, inspections, and certifications in this industry can be intimidating, but IIA’s vast experience, especially in the aerospace industry, assists customers with understanding major governing bodies’ requirements, such as AMS2750E and how to meet those requirements. We have a logistics plan and a team of experts in place to make success a certainty. For example, based on various specifications, equipment types and parts being processed, the technicians at IIA understand requirements for each piece of equipment, differing heat tolerances, and which calibration cycles to consider. IIA focuses on what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best.


National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) audits are important assessments of technical compliance to industry standards, and only premiere companies in the aerospace supply chain receive this accreditation. The NADCAP process is rigorous and intimidating, and that is why IIA offers auditing consultation. IIA customers can connect with a Senior Technician who will offer assistance during the audit process: answering questions, explaining details, and helping the process go smoothly.


Need to become certified or have parts processed soon? Our team of experts offer fast and reliable surveys, inspections, and certifications to ensure you are providing safe and compliant components. Need to meet customer specifications? IIA helps customers understand specification requirements and conducts testing to determine whether those requirements can be or are being met.


When a customer partners with IIA for calibration services, the relationship does not end there. IIA offers machine service as part of our customer program. No more waiting on the manufacturer. If IIA calibrates a machine, we also service that machine. This means operations, appointments, and auditing processes are all streamlined.


IIA is the most trusted and experienced oven calibration services and testing professionals. Additionally we calibrate hand tools, dimensional equipment, magnetic particle machines, and rectifiers, and our team also conducts testing for hardness, force calibration, and surface plates.


IIA Lab Services is focused on ensuring customer success and maximizing resources. Also, IIA fulfills the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 as well as National Standards ANSI/NCSL Z540. 1-1994. IIA is proud to offer calibration, repair, and upgrade services to important industries serving an essential population, mitigating risks and maintaining safety. The determined professionals at Industrial Inspection & Analysis will exhaust every option in an effort to ensure continued success for our customers.