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As Equipment Manager, David is gatekeeper, tracker, quality inspector, and organizer extraordinaire. Full of integrity and always smiling, David ensures all the equipment is clean, functioning properly, and ready to go for technicians to use in the field and also for customer rentals. He checks each piece every time it goes out the door and every time it comes back in. This means, there is always something different for him to do, like putting a video crawler together, pressurizing it, and making sure it’s in top-notch shape. In David’s eyes, this is what makes his job fun and says, “It’s like playing with expensive toys.”

After spending 18 years, mostly in the field, as a low-voltage project manager for a fire alarm and security company, David knows what it’s like to be on-the-go. But, as a dedicated family man with an 8-year-old and 2 foster children, whom he and his wife are in the process of adopting, he is quite content spending most workdays close to home, in the warehouse, testing, cleaning, and putting each piece of equipment back in its place. When David is out in the field, he enjoys seeing the equipment in action and he understands how beneficial it is “when things come to life right before your eyes.”

David structured the IIA RVI warehouse from the ground up and implemented a new equipment tracking system. Under his watchful eye, double- and triple-checking his organizational process, everything is kept in perfect order, which means IIA’s technicians have the safest equipment to provide quality customer care in the field. David’s organizational skills, attention to detail, and experience in managing thousands of pieces of equipment, are all of immense value to IIA and its customers, but his integrity and the inspiring drive he receives from his family are also equal factors to his continued success at IIA.


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