Customer Kudos on CT Scan Services

December 15, 2021 | 2 min read

When Drink Cirkul – manufacturer of an innovative bottle that produces flavored water with every sip — needed to quickly evaluate part geometry, IIA’s 3D scanning capabilities caught their eye.

Data capture with 3D scanning is fast, flexible, and highly accurate — and well within our wheelhouse at IIA. With multiple scanning platforms, the technique can be used on virtually any component, from microscopic medical devices to fighter jets. In the case of Drink Cirkul, we used CT scans to assess threads and critical features on a bottle spout.

Unlike traditional metrology, a CT scan can capture 100% of internal geometry. Data is displayed in a user-friendly, 3D format featuring a color gradient scale that makes it easy to see exactly where a part is out of compliance — and potentially why. The data display also makes scan-to-CAD comparisons almost effortless.

From preliminary discussions to the final report, our IIA team listened carefully to what the customer needed to ensure a smooth inspection process from start to finish.

Drink Cirkul was extremely pleased with our services, giving IIA the highest score on all key categories in our customer survey: accuracy, turnaround time, communication and value.

“…I was extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency of the CT scan procedure we had done-- there was barely any need for back-and-forth emailing between me and the IIA/QC Group representative that I contacted, and we even received the final report slightly ahead of schedule,” says Caroline DeBrota, who has already recommended IIA to her colleagues at Drink Cirkul headquarters. “The [data] file we received imported well into our CAD software (Onshape) and allowed us to create a great part evaluation for our toolmakers. The color heatmap comparison images also provided a great visual representation of the deviations between the part we had CT scanned and our CAD model!”

See how scanning can be used in your industry. IIA also offers mobile 3D scanning capabilities for on-site, real-time analysis that can help manufacturers avoid or minimize a line shutdown.