Comprehensive Fire Truck Inspections

December 9, 2020 | 3 min read

Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) understands that being the leader of a fire station is a demanding task and we know the importance of always keeping your crew safe, maintaining a dependable fleet, and meeting regulations. We have been the go-to expert for comprehensive fire truck inspections for more than four decades by providing top-to-bottom inspections, including Hose, Pump, Nozzle, and Appliance as well Aerial & Ground Ladders.

We bring our mobile pump tester to your site and use customized methodology to conduct fast, thorough, and reliable testing services that either meet or exceed NFPA guidelines. It is important for your fleet to always be available to save lives and protect property, and we take pride in our knowledge, speed, and efficiency.

We remove hoses one apparatus at a time, allowing other trucks to stay in service. Also, IIA’s experts, along with our refined, industry specific methods, can inspect 20,000 feet of hose every day. Our perfected methodology includes a custom-built support structure for reloading inspected hoses, which means after our professionals masterfully repack hoses, your crew is ready to respond to an emergency or lead a parade.

With so many hoses in and out of service, tracking each of those internally could become overwhelming and even problematic. Our detailed identification process and custom hose tagging system eliminates the worry. IIA’s system includes recording diameter, length, manufacturer, age, and location. Once these records are created, we provide a custom tag for each coupling. Our meticulous process ensures that no failed hoses will recirculate.

When we say comprehensive, we mean it! Our highly-skilled NDT Level II Certified technicians conduct complete visual and operational tests of aerial devices and all related components. These tests can also include Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), such as Ultrasonic Testing (UT), and Liquid Penetrant (PT) and also Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) to validate the integrity of the structural welds. We also perform timing, waterway flow, leak, pressure and drift tests as well as twist tests.

We know your ladders need to be safe and operating properly as well, so our experts are trained to test all types of ladders (ground, roof, attic, combination, extension, and multi purpose) whether metal, wood, or fiberglass. And, of course, these tests are conducted in accordance with NFPA guidelines.

Our knowledgeable experts conduct Visual, Operational, hardware and Load testing. Our load test is performed using our mobile testing equipment to make certain each ladder can safely withstand all load requirements. Once complete, we place an IIA testing identification sticker on all tested ladders.

IIA’s Fire Department Testing Division understands your needs and goals and we guarantee a streamlined and worry-free inspection experience for you and your station every time.

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