Reputation is Key

When Brandon James starts his day, he knows what’s on the line: the safety of a fire department crew and possibly citizens of the community. He is proud of the 8 years of work he has completed so far with IIA Fire Department Testing and of the many years of important hands-on training he has under his belt. He is also proud of his recent promotion to Supervisor. This is Brandon’s hard work paying off and being recognized in real-time.

Brandon supervises his team and makes sure testing sites for fire hoses, nozzles, ground ladders and other fire truck equipment are adequate and that all tests are completed to guidelines. But, it’s not only guidelines he wants to meet. Brandon makes sure his crew has all the training and knowledge they need to complete the job, while also delivering friendly, memorable, and story-worthy service to each of their customers.

He explains that “reputation and word-of-mouth are hugely important in this business,” and consistently doing the right thing, never cutting corners, and offering the best service in the industry means you’ll have the right kind of reputation, then others will hear about it. Reputation and doing the right thing are key factors in what drives him to make sure he is holding himself and his team to the highest standards possible.

Of course, all of the testing Brandon and his team completes is on-site, which means traveling! Brandon loves jumping in his mobile office and hitting the road. He enjoys the variety his job offers and recalls some of that variety when he says, “one day I was doing some testing on a military base, and the next day I was conducting testing at an amusement park.”

Brandon also loves history and historical sites, so on his drives to and from customer sites, he likes that he has the opportunity to see some interesting things along the way. While on his job sites, Brandon also appreciates connecting with Chiefs and crews at the fire stations and is proud to support his team in testing services. He knows they are all part of the equation of ensuring fire truck safety.

Brandon feels and sees the true connection to safety and his role at IIA and what his team offers. It’s behind the scenes, but it’s very important. He says, “Even if the truck only goes out once a year, it has to be safe and everything has to work that one time. Testing is important.” He is glad, a few years back, his buddy suggested he get into this business. It’s definitely a good fit! Brandon knows as long as he is always putting safety and his customers first and fully supporting his team, the excellent reputation of IIA Fire Department Testing will never be compromised.