Automated Inspection Solutions: Custom-Made for You

Think you’ve got an impossible inspection on your hands? Don’t be so sure.

In our mission to make the world safer, the team at Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) develops tools and technologies that make seemingly impossible inspections possible. Our Texas-based team of engineers is dedicated to designing, building and enhancing automated inspection tools to meet our customers’ unique needs.

“We can start from scratch and build a completely new system, or modify existing tools, to better respond to a customer’s needs,” says Dodge Bamberger, Engineering Manager. “We have the flexibility to design custom solutions that allow our customers to get into areas that other people can’t.”

For example, IIA’s team designed, built and tested a series of inspection equipment for Idaho National Laboratory. The equipment features an ROV equipped with a camera to inspect welds on a nuclear reactor vessel.

And when the U.S. Navy needed to rapidly inspect the welds on a large reactor vessel, IIA created a massive scanning system that stood two stories tall and allowed for complete scanning in far less time than traditional methods would allow.

When they’re not developing inspection tools from scratch, our team of engineers, working with the Nuclear groups’ operators and analysts, customize existing tools — the customer’s or IIA’s own patented systems — to accurately capture data in areas the customer needs to inspect, be it a vessel, a valve or a tank.

Sometimes that involves creating a custom attachment that holds ultrasonic probe(s) to the inspection tool in the right configuration to deliver reliable data regarding weld integrity.

For example, the team created an end effector for tank inspections to enhance IIA’s Advanced Inspection of Reactor Vessel and Internals System (AIRIS™) system.

With our specialized expertise in submersible remote operated vehicle (ROV) technology, IIA has been a trusted provider to the nuclear power industry for decades. Our specialized design-and-build services also benefit customers ranging from paper mills to pipelines — anywhere weld integrity needs to be validated.

With electrical engineers on staff, IIA can also customize control systems to make a tool more efficient and easier to use.

To complement our engineering services, our Texas site also has a machine shop where they can custom-build parts and assemblies, both mechanical and electrical.

“We are a small group, but we have a large range of capabilities for inspection equipment and more,” says Bamberger, who advises customers not to assume something can’t be done. “Our capabilities might surprise some people. Let us be the ones to tell you we can’t — because odds are, we can.”

Mechanical Engineering Services for Automated Inspection Systems

  • Custom Inspection System Design & Build
  • Modifications to Existing Inspection Equipment
  • Design & Build Probe Holders for Unique Applications
  • Matching Services

Electrical Engineering Services for Automated Inspection Systems

  • Control System Design for Remote-Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
  • Programming Capabilities
  • Design, Build & Validate Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Equipment
  • Electrical System Troubleshooting Circuit Board Design