Always Focused on Improvements

After earning her degree in Business Administration, Maggie Raab knew exactly what she was looking for and, after seven years with IIA, she still believes this is right where she should be.

As Office Administrator for IIA Lab Services, Maggie starts off each day with a few of the same tasks, but even so, there’s always something new to follow. She wears many hats and “gets to do a little bit of everything:” customer service, overseeing orders, handling invoicing, and receivables. She says, “Wherever the day takes me is where I go, and I really like that about my job.”

Even with this nimble nature, Maggie has a side that is also laser focused, and she’s recently been hard at work helping implement some new internal process improvements, including improving IIA’s job tracking procedures. She’s always been focused on helping people and making their jobs easier, so this undertaking has only proven to magnify those excellent traits. Maggie says, “We are constantly looking deeper into this program to make what we do more efficient.”

She didn’t realize she was a “process person” until she started digging into this program, realizing its potential, and remarks, “It really has turned into something I love doing. I love making people’s jobs easier. It’s very rewarding.” And, so far, these improvements have likely saved about 30 labor hours a month, which is time that can be spent on customer service, which is actually Maggie’s favorite thing!

While Maggie is obviously an excellent Office Administrator and offers top-notch support to her colleagues, she says the very best part of her job is “working with our customers and keeping them happy; a simple thank you from one customer is worth everything.”

Maggie’s enthusiasm for her job really shines through. She says, “I am so glad I landed here. I am very grateful and very happy working at IIA.” She looks forward to what her next seven years here bring and continues to be excited about the possibilities and new ways she can help the company in its efforts to consistently improve.

Maggie attributes her passion and drive to her mother who taught her that hard work does pay off!


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