Aerial and Ground Ladder Inspections: Your Safety is Our Why

July 30, 2020 | 3 min read

Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) Lifting Services understands that your goals are to keep your crew safe, maintain the most dependable fleet, and always meet regulations, so when it comes to ensuring the safety of aerial and ground ladders, IIA is the trusted leader. Our ISO 17020 Accredited technicians provide thorough inspections of your equipment, and IIA’s expansive geographical reach means we’ve got you covered all across the U.S.

We know that, under the best of circumstances, being the leader of a station is a demanding task. Between fighting fires, responding to medical emergencies, assigning duties, conducting training, and more, you must also keep track of, organize, and schedule annual inspections. IIA guarantees a streamlined and worry-free inspection experience for you.


During the inspection process, our highly-trained technicians conduct complete visual and operational tests of the device and all related components. For example, IIA technicians inspect the hydraulics to confirm the security of the equipment, and magnetic particle testing is performed to validate the integrity of the structural welds. Further, Ultrasonic Testing, timing, load, and drift tests are also conducted.

Our diligent technicians also conduct thorough waterway, leak and pressure tests to make certain both waterway flow and pressures are operating properly, safely and without leaks. Further, when IIA’s efficient inspectors perform twist-tests, leaving the aerial device in a secure position for one hour, as per NFPA requirements, they then move on to complete other necessary tests and inspections, making the best use of equipment down-time.


IIA also conducts comprehensive annual inspections on ground ladders. Our technicians pull the ladders off the trucks and perform hardware, pressure and load tests on these devices as well. A load test is one of the most important, and IIA has everything necessary to conduct this exam. Using our Ground Ladder testing equipment, we apply the appropriate test weight for each type of NFPA approved fire department ground ladders, while working from our mobile inspection unit to perform the required Horizontal bending test. We also make certain every ladder can safely withstand all load requirements including hardware testing, and roof hook testing.

Our reports are informative, comprehensive, and easy to understand. After the inspection, our technicians print the report for you and take the time to discuss all of the findings. Inspection notations are categorized into four groups: 1, 2, 3, or 4, with 1 being an actionable item. If an IIA inspector locates a Category 1 item, you are immediately alerted. As per requirements, Category 1 items must be deemed and reported as “a failure.” A bent rung, cracked weld, or failed twist-test are all examples of Category 1 items.

IIA has been the trusted leader in fire truck inspections for over four decades. Our inspectors offer fast, professional, story-worthy service, and we take pride in making certain your crew stays safe and ensuring your aerial and ground ladder devices meet all safety requirements.

All of IIA Lifting Services’ inspection protocols are in accordance with the current NFPA 1932 guidelines, and we are ISO 17020 Accredited.

IIA’s inspection and testing can include:

  • Visual/Operational Inspections
  • Load Test
  • Timing and Functional Tests
  • Hardness Test of Non-Ferrous Metal Components
  • Magnetic Particles and/or Dye Penetrant Test of Critical Welds and Casting
  • Hydraulic Oil Analysis
  • Ultrasonic Inspection of Accessible Pins
  • Turntable Bolt Torque Check
  • Drift Test
  • Waterway Systems Check
  • Horizontal Bend Test of Ground Ladders
  • Ground Ladder Hardware and Hook Tests
  • Extension Ladder Hardware Test
  • Heat Sensor Check and Replacement (if necessary)
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection of Rung Welds (optional test)