A Major Pipeline Services Company Partners with IIA Lifting Services as Go-To Repair Service and Annual Inspection Provider


Crane and hoist repair and inspection is essential within many industries, and any downtime due to malfunction or breakage is devastating to a project’s timeline and a company’s bottom line. IIA Lifting Services provides aerial and lift device inspections as well as certifications to a variety of companies, public and private utilities, and municipalities across the US and Canada. IIA is the industry leader in providing full-service crane solutions.

The Challenge

IIA works with a major pipeline services company that designs, builds, and operates natural gas pipelines and provides services to customers across the United States. Hoist and crane usage is a key element in this industry when overhauling motors, changing out heads, bits, and turbos and working inside engine rooms. Reliability is an integral part of the daily scenario for this pipeline company. In general, time is of the essence, but especially if there is a break-down when providing essential services during an outage or preparing for a major overhaul. The pipeline company experienced a malfunctioning pneumatic hoist directly before an outage. They encountered many obstacles when attempting to locate a repair company that could quickly and successfully assist, until they contacted the professionals at IIA Lifting Services.

The Process

After experiencing a crane malfunction, the pipeline services company went in search of a fast, professional, and capable hoist repair firm that could respond to their emergency. They reached out to various companies, including IIA. Several companies did not respond, other companies responded but were unable to solve the problem, and IIA immediately responded and offered an immediate solution. A Station Operator A, Everett, with the pipeline company was pleasantly surprised with every interaction he had with IIA, saying, “We had a crane malfunction right before a big outage. IIA responded immediately, provided us with a 6-ton hand-hoist, and we had virtually no down-time.” IIA’s Overhead Crane Services professionals are responsive, knowledgeable, and fast. “IIA replaced our hoist within 3 days.” Everett was impressed with the outstanding, fast, and professional service. “This was by far the best turn-time we have ever had.”

This was by far the best turn-time we have ever had.

Everett - Station Operator A

Why The Pipeline Company Chose IIA

The large pipeline company knows the importance of partnering with an industry leader when it comes to annual critical repairs, inspections, and preventative services. After this extremely positive experience, “We will keep this relationship going and want IIA to be our go-to inspection and repair company.” Everett also relayed, “it’s tough to find a reliable company that does both inspections and repairs.” The pipeline company will continue working with IIA’s Overhead Crane Services, and they have also committed to contracting with IIA exclusively as their annual crane inspection company.

The End Result

No more uncertainties for the pipeline company since partnering with IIA. Fast, professional, and reliable service is a phone call away whether it is for an annual inspection, a question for a technician, or an emergency repair during an essential outage, IIA is there to support and give story-worthy service while ensuring little to no downtime. The IIA team is proud to offer their expertise to the pipeline company and to now be a part of their continued success.