3D Scans Help Drive Independence for Wheelchair Users

April 1, 2024 | < 1 min read

For nearly 50 years, Rollx Vans has created accessible vehicles to help people with disabilities live happier, more independent lives. IIA is proud to support this mission by providing accurate 3D scanning and superior service.

To create their signature product, Rollx Vans takes a mass-produced minivan such as the Chrysler Pacifica or Toyota Sienna and makes it wheelchair-accessible through a standard conversion process. Engineering Manager Lynn Ringdahl explains the process and why accurate 3D scans are so critical:

“Our conversion involves raising the van up and lowering the floor. At that point, the factory-installed panels no longer extend all the way to the floor,” says Lynn. “It requires a pretty extensive conversion to accommodate a wheelchair.”

To make the customized van appear factory-finished, the interior and exterior ground effects need to be reverse engineered, enabling the creation of new interior plastic shrouds that fill gaps created by the change in the floor location.

It’s a job Rollx Vans entrusts to IIA. Our Minnesota-based lab (previously known as QC Group) provides 3D scanning of various parts to help ensure a seamless, successful conversion.

Rollx Van

“IIA scans the areas we need and provides measurements that our tooling company uses to create a mold. We can then build a plastic part that perfectly covers the area,” explains Lynn. “We’ve been working with IIA for quite a while to scan various areas of the vehicle, both interior and exterior.”

The Lab Services team at IIA uses the GOM ATOS Triple Scan, as well as the FARO Arm Scanner, to gather highly accurate measurements of interior panels, bumper parts, trim — even the entire vehicle. IIA then provides the data in the form of a triangulated mesh file, which can easily be analyzed by the engineers at Rollx Vans.

IIA’s Minnesota Lab has a garage that easily accommodates vans that will undergo conversion. Rollx Vans has also taken advantage of IIA’s convenient on-site services at their facility in Savage, Minnesota.

It was a vendor recommendation and convenient Minnesota location that first led Rollx Vans to IIA. The company continues its partnership with IIA nearly 15 years later, thanks to consistently accurate scans and responsive service.

“IIA has always been our go-to for 3D scanning because they respond really quickly and do a fairly economical scan,” says Lynn. "The service we’ve received from IIA has been great.”

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Read a 2010 article from Quality Digest to learn how IIA (then QC Group) helped Rollx Vans introduce customized vans months ahead of the competition.

rollx vans image 3

3D scans from IIA help ensure plastic parts perfectly cover the area below the front and sliding doors on the modified minivan.

Rollx Vans image 2

Accurate scans of the vehicle interior allow Rollx Vans to build plastic parts to cover the space between the factory panels and the lowered van floor.