3 Reasons Why a Full-Service Crane Company Is Better Than an Inspection Only Company

May 14, 2020 | 2 min read

Everyone knows when you have an overhead crane, it must be inspected and certified on an annual basis and it requires maintenance. When choosing a vendor to provide this service, there are several considerations to take into account.

1. Inspection Only Providers vs One-Stop Shops

When using an inspection only company, a customer receives their inspection, but will likely have to outsource any necessary repairs. When this happens, details can slip through the cracks, or the timeline for repairs can take longer than they would if working with a full-service company.

With a full-service company, the resources are already in place for consistency, from inspections to repairs to maintenance. A customer doesn’t have to work with different representatives or technicians supplying various services without historical records—it’s one company and the same people working within a proven process that guarantees quality and reliability.

2. Expanding Your Team

With an inspection only company, your inspector is not part of your team. The service they perform is required, but you typically don’t get any value add.

Using a full-service company, like IIA Lifting Services, our team becomes your team. Our deep bench top-of-the-line technicians and highly trained engineers with years of hands-on experience are now helping you inspect, maintain, repair, replace, and design your overhead cranes.

3. There When You Need Them

Inspections don’t come as a surprise, but malfunctions and broken equipment do. When this happens, your inspection only company can’t help.

IIA keeps your business moving no matter the time of day. Whether it’s 6 PM on a Tuesday or 3 AM on a Saturday morning we know that your emergency cannot wait.


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