David: Double-Checking, Triple-Checking. A Place for Everything Full of integrity and always smiling, David ensures all equipment is clean, functioning properly, and ready to go for technician use and customer rental. Read Article
Adam Trofimoff: Thriving in The Friction Point Once a Marine, always a Marine. Before joining the IIA team, Adam Trofimoff spent 10 years in the United States Marines Corps. Read Article
Sabrina Ware: Exemplifies Growth, Change and Potential Sabrina has been a part of the IIA Lifting Services team for nearly five years and continually challenges herself to learn all there is about the… Read Article
Zeke Taylor: This Master Inspector is All About Teamwork Zeke is a Master Inspector, CQI and CQT certified, and is also involved in Account Management and Sales at IIA. Read Article
Doug Keene Douglas Keene: He Never Settles For Less Than The Best Twenty years ago Douglas Keene never realized his passion for interior painting would quickly evolve into a highly successful career in Advanced Non-Destructive Examinations. Read Article
The NDT Technician Who Knows That Being Adventurous Is The Way to Learn Michael McIntosh was formally trained at the Canadian Institute for NDE (CINDE) and attributes most of his expertise to learning it in the field. Read Article
Robert Roedell: Meet the IIA Lifting Services Leader with Ninja Tricks Rob Roedell joined the IIA Lifting Services in 2008 as an inspector and quickly transitioned to an aerial device and crane inspector. Read Article


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