Brandon James: Reputation is Key When Brandon James starts his day, he knows what’s on the line: the safety of a fire department crew and possibly citizens of the community. He… Read Article
Bruce Williams: Setting the Tone Bruce Williams brings a lifetime of experience in the manufacturing industry and a degree in Organizational Development to IIA. His father owned a machine shop where… Read Article
Keri Lushbaugh: Influence and Impact When Keri Lushbaugh was younger, she spent lots of time with her grandfather, who was a small town General Practitioner with a home-office and oftentimes Keri… Read Article
Faramarz: A Diamond in the Rough In this industry, Faramarz is most certainly a diamond in the rough! He is a licensed Professional Engineer, with an International Welding Engineering degree and a… Read Article
Maggie Raab: Always Focused on Improvements After earning her degree in Business Administration, Maggie Raab knew exactly what she was looking for and, after seven years with IIA, she still believes this… Read Article
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Yaser Abu-Renneh: Always Up for A Challenge Yaser Abu-Renneh loves a challenge, and one of the most exciting challenges in his life began in 1998 with his Canadian immigration application. The next four… Read Article
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Carole Pysher : Listening & Thinking Outside the Box Carole Pysher began her sales career when she was only 17. Nonetheless, her sales spirit and ingenuity began well before that. As a very young child… Read Article


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