Hard Work Pays Off Sam Yank has been working his way up the ranks in this industry for nearly a decade now. He loves his job and appreciates being part… Read Article
Making it Matter for IIA Recently promoted from Field Technician to Operations Manager within IIA’s Lifting Services Division, Brandon appreciates the change of pace, perspective, and challenges his new role provides.… Read Article
Inspired by Collaboration Tom Mullen has two decades of NDT and inspection services experience and not only brings his previous knowledge and expertise with him to IIA, but he… Read Article
Collaboration + Teamwork = Safety & Success. Along with Eric’s passion and dedication to his family, his role as Operations manager within IIA’s Fire Department Testing Division is another passion of his. His… Read Article
Sports, Programming & Hot Beef Sandwiches Tony Lowe knows his way around a golf course, a Quality Assurance Department, and a CMM Programming platform. He’s had an interesting journey to getting where… Read Article
Always Listening, Always Learning Don Baumer has a long-standing reputation for being a nice guy who knows that active listening and having integrity are the most important aspects of connecting,… Read Article
A Conduit for Solutions IIA’s Medical Sales Manager, Anshu Chand, brings an array of medical device sales, consulting, and marketing experience and expertise to the team. She has earned an… Read Article
Reputation is Key When Brandon James starts his day, he knows what’s on the line: the safety of a fire department crew and possibly citizens of the community. He… Read Article
Setting the Tone Bruce Williams brings a lifetime of experience in the manufacturing industry and a degree in Organizational Development to IIA. His father owned a machine shop where… Read Article


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