Lab Services Summary Sheet IIA Lab Services delivers quality and reliability for all your lab testing and inspections needs. There is virtually no limit to the size and shape of… Read Article
Plant Services Summary Sheet Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) is the go-to professional providing safe, quality inspections for outage and maintenance needs across North America. IIA’s breadth of technicians are… Read Article
IIA Nuclear Services Summary Sheet Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) Nuclear Services offers full service industrial support to ensure safe, efficient, and compliant facilities. IIA offers exams, maintenance, foreign object retrieval,… Read Article
The AIRIS™ Scanning Technology Summary Sheet Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) Nuclear Services has more than 20 years experience utilizing our Advanced Inspection of Reactor Vessel and Internals System (AIRIS™) technology performing… Read Article
Comprehensive Fire Department Testing Summary Sheet Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) is the go-to expert for comprehensive fire truck inspections because we fully understand the necessity of keeping your crew safe, maintaining… Read Article
Lifting Services Summary IIA Lifting Services has a national footprint of certified inspectors that allows us to provide you timely, on-site inspections and after-hours testing, ensuring no disruptions to… Read Article
Overhead Crane Services Summary IIA Lifting Services is a complete overhead crane solution provider. We set the industry standard for crane inspections. Whether it’s design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, testing or… Read Article
Field Services Summary Industrial Inspection & Analysis (IIA) ensures the safety and reliability of your assets while optimizing your total cost of ownership. IIA provides multiple inspection services for… Read Article
IIA's comprehensive inspection plan IIA’s Comprehensive Inspection Plan: Location Matters. When it comes to inspecting the internal condition of your pipes, even the world’s best technology is pointless if you are looking in the wrong areas. Read Article


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