IIA's comprehensive inspection plan IIA’s Comprehensive Inspection Plan: Location Matters. When it comes to inspecting the internal condition of your pipes, even the world’s best technology is pointless if you are looking in the wrong areas. Read Article
Kendall Vegetation Services Industrial Inspection & Analysis Wins the Fleet Kendall Vegetation Services experienced immediate value after bringing IIA's inspectors on board, such as increased efficiency, and enhanced communications. Read Article
3 Reasons 3 Reasons Why a Full-Service Crane Company is Better Than an Inspection Only Company Infographic An overhead crane must be inspected and certified on an annual basis. Consider these 3 things when choosing a vendor to provide this service. Read Article
IIA Lab Services IIA Lab Services Product Life Cycle Support Infographic From concept and design, prototyping, testing, quality inspection, and production, IIA Lab Services supports the product lifecycle in its entirety. Read Article
National Technologies Chooses IIA for Calibration Needs National Technologies relies on IIA to calibrate their tools and ensure all their equipment is ISO certified, meaning safe, reliable, and of strict quality. Read Article
Computed Radiography Computed Radiography Cut Sheet IIA Field Services pushes the boundaries of computed radiography capabilities in our pursuit of delivering outstanding results. Read Article
RVI Thinking About Renting an RVI Camera? Whether choosing the right equipment or discussing options that might help mitigate your risk, our team is just a phone call away. Read Article
Commercial Plastics Accelerates Approval Time By 80% Commercial Plastics utilizes IIA Lab Services Division to assist with larger inspection projects that require specialized equipment. Read Article
Driving Change on the Railways with Advanced NDE North America’s largest tank car manufacturer is using IIA to improve railcar advanced NDE processes, techniques, and enhance their testing data collection. Read Article


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