Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Understanding Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews: What Is It and When Is It Triggered? A PSHR is an Ontario requirement to be completed prior to any new or modified apparatus, structure, or process undergoing operation. Read Article
Overhead Crane 3 Reasons Why a Full-Service Crane Company Is Better Than an Inspection Only Company Everyone knows when you have an overhead crane, it must be inspected and certified on an annual basis and it requires maintenance. When choosing a vendor… Read Article
Multi-Tiered Crane Loads The Challenges with Multi-Tiered Crane Loads Rules are more stringent and require that special procedures be developed to ensure worker’s safety. Here’s a primer on the new regulations. Read Article
Engineered Lift Pedestrian Bridge When Do I Need a Critical Lift Plan? When to employ a critical lift plan is one of the most frequent questions our lifting engineers are asked, and one that has no single definitive… Read Article
Engineered Lift Planning your Critical Lift As specialists in lift engineering, our IIA Lifting Services division is well-equipped to help plan your lift so that everything goes smoothly. Read Article
Mounting Bolt Failure Bolting failure can lead to catastrophic consequences when it comes to the structural integrity of your lifting equipment. Read Article
Guided Wave NDE: It Gets a Bad Rap, but Is It Deserved? In this article, we explore why GWT has fallen out of favor and suggest where it could actually save a lot of time and money when… Read Article
Master List of Lab Certifications Accurate certification that you and your customers can trust and depend on. Visit for additional accreditations & scopes of recognitions. Read Article
Why Your Inspections Might Be Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It) Why your inspections might be missing the mark and how you can fix it by improving safety and reducing costs through effective asset management. Read Article


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