IIA Acquires Fox NDE, LLC and Eagle NDT, LLC

May 1, 2017 – Abilene, TX – Industrial Inspection & Analysis, Inc. (“IIA”) acquired Fox NDE, LLC (“Fox”) and Eagle NDT, LLC (“Eagle”). Alongside US NDI, the addition of Fox and Eagle greatly increases IIA’s presence in the field radiography and field non-destructive testing (NDT) sector.

Fox NDE, based in Abilene, TX, is a non-destructive testing company primarily engaged in providing top quality radiography and NDT services. Fox NDE also has a satellite office in South Texas.

Eagle NDT, LLC is based in Abilene, TX and has a strong presence in South Texas as well as a satellite office in Carlsbad, NM. Eagle prides itself on providing top quality radiography services as well as non-destructive and welder testing to oil, gas and wind energy companies.

The addition of Fox/Eagle is a great complement to IIA’s field services group, which includes US NDI. IIA will now have a strong presence throughout West Texas, South Texas, and Eastern New Mexico by offering the capability to service larger jobs with the significant increase in size.

In the immediate term Fox and Eagle are combining into “Fox NDE” and will be operating under the same umbrella. The south Texas offices have combined into a single site in Pleasanton, TX so that they can operate under the same roof. Please visit the new Pleasanton site should you be in the area. Over the coming weeks and months IIA is undertaking a longer review to determine the best way to organize and brand US NDI and Fox as a larger combined field business that is built to serve customers better. IIA will now have field offices in West Texas (Abilene, Odessa), South Texas (Pleasanton) and Eastern New Mexico (Carlsbad).

The acquisition of Fox/Eagle is a big step forward in IIA’s mission to build a national level industrial inspection company focused on customer service and technical leadership.

John Cote, CEO of IIA said, “We are very excited to welcome Fox and Eagle to IIA as the acquisitions will greatly increase our scale in the field NDT industry, especially within field radiography services. We are committed to combining the best practices from Fox/Eagle, and US NDI to provide a new level of service to our customers. Our focus will continue to be on the customer, employee training, and investing in our capabilities to serve customers better. We look forward to meeting with our customers and welcome any thoughts and impressions on our brands and differentiation as we evaluate the best way to serve our customers as a larger business. As always you can count on Industrial Inspection & Analysis to provide you story-worthy service through even the most challenging situations. We pride ourselves on providing confidence through trustworthy, timely industrial inspection.”

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