Collaboration + Teamwork = Safety & Success.

Along with Eric’s passion and dedication to his family, his role as Operations manager within IIA’s Fire Department Testing Division is another passion of his. His enthusiasm for teamwork, responsiveness, and open communication is apparent. He is also extremely focused on making sure his team and customers know they are valued.

Eric’s been with IIA for 6 years, and his previous experience in working within Operations and Logistics have allowed him to hone in on all of his strengths and really shine in this role where he is in charge of a team of field technicians and supervisors, all scheduling, educating customers, and more as his department provides testing and inspection services to the Fire Industry.

He is proud of the work he and his team do within this industry. He and his team cover the entire Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Maine and everything in between. This is now over 2,000 fire departments east of the Mississippi, and they’re still growing! He loves the fast-paced environment, connecting with customers, and making sure his team has everything they need for each and every job they are sent out to do. He even checks the weather each day to make sure everyone will be safe in accomplishing testing goals on each site, for each customer!

Eric tells us, “What makes IIA different is our partnerships with the departments and townships. We help them reach goals seamlessly and, when needed, we can connect and collaborate with several departments and local communities to achieve our collective objectives.” His team ensures that the hose, pump, appliance, and ground ladder testing as well as aerial inspections are completed in a safe and timely manner with a focus on maximizing the often strained resources of each department.

Eric prioritizes cooperative work, so it’s easy to see how these local collaborations fit right into his wheelhouse and his strategy of teamwork. He consistently highlights and demonstrates how important group effort is, and he always wants to make sure the customers’ experience is one of personalized service and making sure they feel a sense of partnership from IIA, year-after-year.

Open lines of communication are also an integral part of how Eric operates. It’s important to him that his team knows they can always reach out to him with questions, obstacles or new ideas on how to do something in a more efficient and effective way. He is also focused on responsive communication with customers and an important part of that is educating them on IIA’s processes and letting customers know all the ways IIA can help them with safety testing and inspections.

When looking at ways of accomplishing these goals, Eric believes that “when there is a simple process in place that works, keep it.” But, he says, “If it doesn’t work, tweak it as needed and move on.” Eric believes that you should always be willing to try something new in order to make things run more smoothly for the team and to make things easier for the customers.

“We are always educating our customers,” Eric says, “We are always talking things through and explaining our processes to help them understand how we can make things better for them.” He makes sure he is sharing information openly, so the team and the customers are always on the same page. What Eric loves most about his job is the collaboration, camaraderie, and relationship building. He says, “Collaboration starts in the office and extends into the field.” Eric’s stance is this: “When we take care of the customer, everything falls into place.”

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