IIA’s Comprehensive Inspection Plan: Location Matters

June 17, 2020 | 3 min read

IIA Field Services has built a reputation on providing story-worthy service, timely evaluations, unmatched technical and safety training as well as risk mitigation solutions. We succeed where others cannot because IIA Field Services is invested in your safety and success.

When you have an extensive piping system, it is reasonable to expect that system will last several years and perhaps even several decades. Unfortunately, treacherous weather, unforeseen conditions or unexpected wear can lead to many issues and even catastrophic failure. IIA Field Services understands the importance of maintaining a safe working environment for your team, meeting or exceeding all quality and safety requirements, and mitigating risks and liabilities.

Therefore, ensuring regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections with trusted professionals is extremely important. IIA Field Services assists you in finding critical issues that specifically cause environmental liability, and our industry experts can help you reduce your chances of an unplanned outage.

When it comes to inspecting the internal condition of your pipes, even the world’s best technology is pointless if you are looking in the wrong areas. At Industrial Inspection & Analysis, we work with you to develop a comprehensive inspection plan that gives you all the data you need to make well-informed decisions that are in the absolute best interests and safety of your chemical plant or refinery.

The first phase in our plan includes three items: consultation, engineering, and planning. The very first step, consultation, involves our experts connecting with your experts. To IIA, this step is of the utmost importance, as we take great pride in creating professional relationships and long-lasting partnerships that are built on responsiveness, professionalism, and reliability. Once we ensure this valuable and positive connection has been established, our team begins engineering and planning to ensure the utmost effectiveness during the inspection phase of your pipelines.

The second phase involves a skillful, certified, and trusted inspector, and any other professionals deemed necessary, working to gather the most complete and accurate information regarding your project. Once we have reviewed, discussed, and analyzed the compiled and comprehensive data, we move on to engineering.

Once we reach the engineering phase, after collecting and analyzing all of the data, our team then has an outstanding working knowledge of your system, and immediately, we are prepared to identify the most important issues of safety, liability and potential risks for you to review, consider and take action on. Finally, after we relay and discuss our findings in detail and answer any questions you might have, we are then prepared to offer your team any and all actiontionable solutions that have been deemed necessary and appropriate.

We put this comprehensive plan in place to ensure the safety of your facility, to make certain your goals are achieved, and to assure that we exceed your expectations.

Whether needing assistance in choosing the right equipment or discussing options that might help mitigate your risk, our team is a phone call away. You can be confident in working with IIA, as we have the most extensive range of Hazardous Classification Equipment for our inspections, and our equipment is available for rent and can either be picked up or shipped across the United States and to portions of Canada.

The speed and safety of our service ensures timely results and minimal restriction to work areas. Our Field Services teams are available for emergency call-out work or long term projects.

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